The UTHSC Logo

The Components of the Logo

The UTHSC logo is the most visible element representing the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. It appears in almost all communications and advertisements produced by UTHSC, so it is vital that it be used consistently and within the parameters of UTHSC branding.

It’s important to understand the different terminology used to describe the logo and its components.

uthsc campus logo stacked preview

The logo is composed of two elements:

The UTHSC wordmark

uthsc campus wordmark preview

and the UT icon

uthsc campus icon preview
The UT icon is a common graphic element shared by several UT campuses statewide. It is only when it’s combined with each unit’s individual wordmark that it becomes the logo for that campus or institute.

Graphic Specifications of the Logo

uthsc campus icon previewSpot Color: Pantone 151
CMYK: 0/50/100/0
HEX: #f77f00

The color of the UT icon is Pantone 151 Orange. While it is also permissible to use it in black on a light background or white on a dark background, it is not permissible to use the UT icon in any other “color” than Pantone 151.

If exceptions need to be made based on limitations of available colors, please contact Communications and Marketing for review, (901) 448-5544.

The UT icon should never be used smaller than .25” wide, and it should always be surrounded on all sides by an amount of open space equal to half its width.

uthsc campus wordmark previewSpot Color: Black
CMYK: 0/0/0/100
Can be white on dark background

The typeface used in the UTHSC wordmark is Goudy Old Style Regular. The primary type color is black, though the type can be used in white on a dark background. However, the type cannot be used in any color other than black or white.

Though the wordmark is shown here without the UT logo for instructional purposes, it will never actually be used in this way. It is only to be used as part of the UTHSC logo.

Uses of the Logo
Uses of the Logo