The University Seal


The official seal of the University of Tennessee features images of an open book, globe, sextant, gear and laurels. The words “agriculture” and “commerce,” and images of a plow and riverboat, are elements of the seal of the State of Tennessee. The date, 1794, is the year Blount College – the University of Tennessee’s forerunner – was established in Knoxville.

The seal is not for general use. It is used only for formal and official communications, such as diplomas, certificates, legal documents and communications from the Board of Trustees.

The seal should appear no smaller than three-quarters of an inch high. It should be surrounded on all sides by an amount of open space equal to half its width. The seal should always stand alone.

The seal should be rendered in solid black whenever possible. On a dark background, the seal may be reversed (seal in white).

The design or use of any other seal to represent the university, or its campuses or units, is not permitted.