The Secondary Colors

Expanding the Color Palette

To complement our primary UTHSC campus green and UT icon orange, eight secondary colors have been selected. These secondary colors are intended to serve as options to accent our green and orange and not to substitute for them. Each color in the palette is compatible with our campus green, UT icon orange, and with each other.

Less is More

All of the secondary colors are not intended to be used at the same time. It’s best to find as simple a color combination as possible and use it consistently and creatively throughout a piece or series of pieces.




Spot: Pantone 1807
CMYK: 0/100/96/28
HEX: #b5121b



Spot: Pantone 606
CMYK: 0/4/100/12
HEX: #e8cf00



Spot: Pantone 7460
CMYK: 100/0/0/5
HEX: #00a5e3



Spot: Pantone Warm Gray 2
CMYK: 0/2/5/9
HEX: #e9e3dc



Spot: Pantone 5793
CMYK: 4/0/21/18
HEX: #ced084



Spot: Pantone 2587
CMYK: 59/66/0/0
HEX: #7a68ae



Spot: Pantone 470
CMYK: 0/58/100/33
HEX: #b06010



Spot: Pantone 377
CMYK: 45/0/100/24
HEX: #78a22f


Primary and Secondary Color Variations