The Primary Colors

Note: Almost all UTHSC communications will include black and white, as they are needed to properly depict the UTHSC logo. However, we do not refer to black and white as our primary colors.

UTHSC Green – Our Primary Color


Spot Color: Pantone 342
CMYK: 100/9/66/41
HEX: #006a4d

Every UT campus has its own primary color that is recommended for use in both print and digital media. This not only helps to unify each campus’s communications, but also serves to distinguish one campus’s communications from another’s.

The UT Health Science Center’s primary color is Pantone 342 Green. It is the dominant color in most of our communications and is used to both represent us and delineate us from the other UT campuses across the state. It also distinguishes us from other local educational institutions. It is the first color used when creating a communication or graphic that will represent UTHSC.

UT Icon Orange


UT Icon Orange
Spot Color: Pantone 151
CMYK: 0/50/100/0
HEX: #f77f00

UTHSC also uses Pantone 151 Orange. Since it’s the official color of the UT icon, this color is used across all UT campuses and institutes.

However, at UTHSC, orange is reserved for the UT icon. To assure that the icon is prominently highlighted, refrain from using it as a background or accent color. Using orange in places other than the logo detracts from the logo’s visibility.

Note: Other UT campuses will have different policies regarding the use of UT orange, but this is the policy at UTHSC.

Note: When using colors, always use the Pantone® value for spot color printing, the CMYK breakdown for four-color printing, and the hexadecimal code for web communications.