The College Seals

Each college at UTHSC has a unique seal. However, the individual college seals are not logos for their colleges. They cannot be substituted for the UTHSC logo.


They cannot be used in any way that creates the impression that the individual college stands alone as a separate brand from UTHSC. It must be clear that all communications come from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

How Can the College Seals Be Used?

The college seals can be used on items such as awards, certificates, invitations, flags and banners. They can sometimes be used in communications such as print or web ads, brochures, posters, fliers, or other materials that also include the UTHSC logo.

The seals can also be used on items such as shirts, baseball caps, lapel pins and coffee cups when deemed appropriate by Communications and Marketing.

Limitations When Using the College Seals

Unlike the UTHSC logo and alternate logos, the college seals are not designed to be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Most of them are complex and contain multiple graphic elements. It is important to consider whether using the seals will produce the desired results. Small sizes or media that is not technically able to reproduce fine detail are not appropriate.

It is not permissible to use only parts of the seals by dissecting them or cropping them. When a college seal is shown, it must be shown in its entirety.

Appropriate Uses of College Seals
Appropriate Uses of College Seals