Secondary Identifiers

Colleges, Departments, Institutes, Offices and Centers

There is only one UTHSC brand. Individual colleges, departments, institutes, offices and centers are not permitted to use individual logos or any graphic treatment that gives the impression that they “stand alone,” rather than exist as a part of the overall UTHSC brand.

There is a specific hierarchy to the way identity must be conveyed. When a department, institute, office or center appears as part of the logo, as in letterheads, business cards, signature/address areas of brochures, etc., the logo must be formatted as shown below.


While it is usually acceptable to use the UTHSC logo without including the department, institute, office, or even the college, do not use the college, department, institute, office or center as a logo without the UTHSC identifying information, or in any way that the college, institute, office or center can be perceived as existing outside the UTHSC brand. Do not rearrange the hierarchy so that a department, institute, office or center supersedes a college.

While there will be situations that will need to be reviewed by Communications and Marketing on a case-by-case basis, these are the rules on which decisions will be based. Contact Communications and Marketing at (901) 448-5544 with any questions.

Acceptable Uses of Secondary Identifiers

Unacceptable Uses of Secondary Identifiers