Promoting Individual Colleges, Departments, Institutes, Offices and Centers

Promotional Materials

The fact that all UTHSC communications must make it clear that there is only one UTHSC brand does not prohibit the promotion of individual colleges, departments, institutes, offices and centers. However, such promotions must not create the misconception that they are “stand-alone” entities or brands.

Headings vs. Logos

A text heading with a college, department, institute, office or center name may be displayed larger than the UTHSC logo as long as it is clear that the communication is coming from UTHSC and not the individual college, department, institute, office or center.

Illustrations and Graphics vs. Logos

It is acceptable to use graphics and illustrations in promotions. However, colleges, departments, institutes, offices and centers cannot use graphics or illustrations in conjunction with their names in ways that create the impression of a logo. The only logo permitted at UTHSC is the UTHSC logo.

The Importance of Context

UTHSC team members must use good judgment and common sense to decide what violates UTHSC branding rules. There are many factors that dictate whether a promotion is in compliance:

  • The location and size of the UTHSC logo.
  • The size of the heading and the wording used.
  • The target audience (e.g.,internal UTHSC employees or the general public).
  • The circumstances in which the communication will be seen (e.g.,what is acceptable for a billboard might
    not be acceptable for a letter-size flier or handbill).
  • The environment in which the communication will be seen (e.g.,what works for interior signage might not
    work for exterior signage).

Quite often, judging whether or not a communication violates UTHSC branding restrictions requires marketing experience and training, and there is no universal rule that will be applicable for all circumstances. For that reason, it is required that all marketing communications materials be reviewed by Communications and Marketing to assure that the UTHSC brand is protected.

Acceptable Promotions

Unacceptable Promotions