Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs these Graphic Identity Standards Guidelines?

Anyone who produces communications that represent the UTHSC brand.

If I follow these guidelines regarding the use of the UTHSC logo, do I still need to get my art approved by Communications and Marketing?

Yes. Any art for any item that uses the UTHSC logo must first be approved by Communications and Marketing. This includes T-shirts, brochures, fliers, posters, and any other printed or digital representation.
Communications and Marketing can be contacted at
or (901) 448-5544.

How do I produce a UTHSC branded item?

  1. If you are a student organization, submit your project to the Office of Student Affairs. Apply at
  2. Everyone using the UTHSC brand must submit their art to Communications and Marketing for approval.
  3. Once Communications and Marketing has approved your design, submit your artwork to a licensed vendor. These will be available at Vendors who don’t appear on the list are not approved to print items with the UTHSC brand.
  4. Your artwork must be approved by the UT Office of Trademark Licensing. Normally, the licensed vendor will submit them. If necessary, you may contact Katrina Phelps at

Do I need to add a registration trademark (®) or trademark (TM) to the UTHSC logo?

When the UTHSC logo is used on a product, it must include a trademark (TM) at the lower right corner of the logo.

When the UT icon is used separately on a product, it must include a registered trademark ® at the lower right corner of the icon.

Note: When the UT icon is used on a product as a component of the UTHSC logo with a TM, do not add a ® beside the UT icon.

How do I get something printed at UTHSC?

Submit a print request form to the UTHSC Printing and Copy Center, which is responsible for either printing or supervising the printing of all UTHSC printed communications.

The Printing and Copy Center can be contacted at (901) 448-5553 or email

Download print request form.

Whom should I contact for help promoting an event, program, department or anything else I want to promote?
Contact Communications and Marketing at or (901) 448-5544.

Whom should I contact to get a business card, letterhead, envelope or any other stationery designed and printed?

Contact the UTHSC Printing and Copy Center at (901) 448-5553 or email

Note: In compliance with UTHSC graphics policy, only employees on the payroll of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center are permitted to have UTHSC business cards. They are not issued to volunteers or students.