Alternate Logos

There are five alternate logo variations available for situations where it’s necessary to use a simplified version of the UTHSC logo. All five alternate logo variations can be downloaded in the resources section.

One-Line Alternate Logo


Two-Line Alternate Logo


Three-Line Alternate Logo


One-Line Horizontal Logo


Three-Line Horizontal Logo


These logo alternatives may only be used when it is absolutely necessary:

  • In spaces so small the primary logo would be illegible (examples include pens and some online treatments).
  • In extremely vertical spaces for which the standard logo cannot easily be formatted (examples include light pole banners).
  • When technical limitations prohibit accurate reproduction of the primary logo (examples include small embroidered items).
  • In situations when the target viewer might not have time to read the entire primary wordmark (examples include billboards and signage.)

Appropriate Uses of Alternate Logos

Inappropriate Uses of Alternate Logosalternate-logos-inappropriate